MLS Laser Treatment

Lasers are no longer just a thing of science fiction! They are a reality now, and their use in medicine and pain relief is only growing. While studying lasers stil has a long way to go, they offer hope to anyone struggling with physical pain -- chronic symptoms, sharp discomfort, aches, numbness, and even pins-and-needles sensations. At McCool Podiatry, we have seen very positive resultes on post-surgical healing, wound care, and general pain relief. Most of all, though, our MLS Robotic Pain Laser is for reclaiming your life from pain!


What is an MLS Robotic Laser?

The MLS Robotic Pain Laser is a cutting-edge tool that allows our team of specialists to better target pain areas and offer precise treatment. The MLS stands for "Multi-wave Locked System." This means it uses multiple light wavelengths to treat two aspects of pain: immediate discomfort and long-term inflammation. Most lasers employ one wavelength, limiting their effects.

The "robot" aspect of the laser makes it incredibly accurate. The robot goes exactly where it's programed to go, which is much more precise than directing the laser by hand. There are no known side effects during or after the procedure, either -- most people can;t even feel the treatment.

How does the Laser help me?

This non-invasive laser therapy helps relieve many different types of pain by stimulating the natural healing processes in your tissues. One of the light wavelengths works on inflammation. It encourages the body to re-absorb fluids and relieve irritation in the long term. The pulsed laser, however, alleviates immediate discomfort. It does this by temporarily interrupting the pain impulses going to the brain. Using these two together addresses both at once. The two wavelengths reinforce each other, so you get the best effect.

This can be used many different ways. We use it to manage foot and ankle pain, like plantar fasciitis, neuromas, arthritis, bursitis, tendon and ligament issues, wounds, and sports injuries.

What to Expect from your Treatment

Our provider will give you a full evaluation of your pain to determine if the laser will be helpful or not. Then we'll plan out your therapy. The actual appoingment is short. You'll be treated with the MLS Robotic Laser for 8 - 10 minutes; after that, you're free to go. While some people do experience a mild warming sensation during this treatment, most do not feel anything. For the best results, you'll need to complete several sessions with the laser. The exact number will depend on your pain.

Most people will notice significant relief from their discomfort fairly quickly. Normally you feel a decrease in your discomfort after a couple of hours. Sharp, intense pain subsides almost completely by about 6 rounds, whicl chronic pain may take a fer more sessions for a lasting effect. However, exactly how the laser will affect you depends on you and your unique pain.





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